The only program of its kind in Montana, this statewide service offers interactive presentations of our curated exhibits, quality hands-on art lessons, and teacher education.
AMM educates through art about the diversity of the human experience, culture, practices, customs, and history.
AMM strengthens school programs by filling the required mandate for art as a content area and provides opportunities for youth and adults to participate together in arts-learning through and about art. The annual traveling exhibits of 20-25 contemporary Montana visual artists' works, including Native American's art,
is accompanied with presentations by the artists and resources
for teachers about teaching art. Artworks enhance the exposure
to exemplary artworks for all ages and cultures and at any
location, including the 7 Native American Reservations and Indian Reservation schools for the 12 federal and state-recognized tribes in Montana. AMM lessons satisfy Montana's State Content Standards for visual art.
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Watch for Upcoming Events

  Executive Director Sara Colburn showing artwork at Pine Creek School south of Livingston, Montana.
Rachel Larson Long, Teaching Artist, presents Art Mobile art exhibit to students at Frazer School,

For questions, or to schedule The Art Mobile, contact:

Whitney Polich,
Teaching Artist, Art Mobile of Montana    
406 217-4418

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